The Higher Diploma course is an extension of the first year Diploma course with the transition being made from the broader aspects of interior design to more specific practical projects. In the second year, greater emphasis will be placed on the technical component of design. This course also deals with the relationships between the various specialists and professionals involved in the design industry, for example architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting consultants, specialist contractors, etc. The importance of a healthy client/designer relationship is stressed with the emphasis on pragmatic problem solving.

An advanced studio programme addressing the design of both small and large multi-use spaces, including residential and commercial design. The design emphasis will be placed on the ability to conceptualise, plan, detail, programme, specify and present.

Design competitions
A wide range of student competitions offered nationally are included in our syllabus. These competitions embrace product, interior and architectural solutions, and allow the students enormous opportunity regarding design, presentation and exposure.

Introduction to the law of contract and copyright
A brief synopsis by practising attorneys of the history of South African Law, the definition and application of the law of contract and copyright.

The history of interiors and architecture
Beginning with the Industrial Revolution and finishing with contemporary design, this subject traces the major movements in architecture and interior design, focusing on the analysis of work by significant designers.

Building construction
This subject deals with the market availability and application of building materials. Students complete detailed working drawings in order that functional and aesthetic criteria may be met. While first year focuses on the understanding of basic building components and structure, second year addresses the ability to make design changes to an existing structure and present this in the form of a project that meets the requirments for submission to the council. This course also addresses the design the detailed components within interiors, e.g. staircases, etc.

Council submission
A practical project where the student is required to investigate and obtain all local authority laws and by-laws pertaining to plan submission.

Work experience
Students are required to job-shadow in a design/architectural firm to expose them to various design environments. Specific design practices are selected to meet the students strengths. This programme sets up opportunities for future work, and exposes the students to the world of professional practice.

A practical study of the basic techniques of digital photography as a tool for the designer.

Students explore the advantages of modelmaking, both for design purposes and client presentations.

Portfolio presentation and career preparation
Students must retain their projects as a record of their personal progress. Suggested presentation techniques are explored in order for each student to prepare a professional portfolio to enable them to enter the working world confidently armed with a portfolio that is strong in design and graphic presentation.